About us

Many firms offer a service to their customer, but Stewart, Martin, Dudley & Webb, P.C. truly strives to serve our clients.  We serve because our clients are our neighbors, friends, and community leaders and that means something to us.  We pride ourselves on taking the time to answer the little questions, provide sensible responses, and be there when clients need us most.

The best way we know how to meet the needs of our clients is to hire the top talent around.  We have drawn from nine different colleges to bring in quality staff with diverse industry experience.  By emphasizing quality at every level, we have been able to meet many goals, both personal and professional alike.  From those successes, we have established a well respected, family oriented firm that we can be proud of.  But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  To learn more, see our history.
Stewart, Martin, Dudley & Webb, P.C. - P.O. Box 669, Amarillo, Texas 79105 - 806.374.7576
Vince Lombardi said "individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work. . . ."  While Mr. Lombardi's experiences mostly took place on the football field, his thoughts aren't lost on us.  That very culture permeates all that we do and it starts from the top down.  Our partners come from all walks of life, but the common thread is that they all work together to succeed.  To learn the rest of the story, read more about our partners.