Build it and they will come

September 1989.  Gathered around a small table on the 5th floor of the Fisk Building in Downtown Amarillo, Norman Stewart, Thalia Martin, Clay Dudley and Walter Webb began discussing the idea of forming an accounting firm specializing in tax and audit services.   After a little head scratching, pencil-whipping a few numbers, and some handshakes, Stewart, Martin, Dudley and Webb was formed.  Each member brought with them a handful of clients, excitement, and Big 4 accounting firm experience.

Fast forward a few years into the bright future to January 1992.  The firm had doubled in size and needed a new home with some more space, so we moved from the Fisk Building to Place One at 8th & Fillmore, still keeping our home office in downtown.

By 2001, clients kept coming and the staff kept growing so we not only increased our office space again but proudly welcomed the second generation of partners to the firm with Stephanie Fitzgerald and Roger Haynes achieving ownership. 

In over 20 years of operation, we have tripled in size and have added bookkeeping and other numerous financial services as we grew to accommodate more of our client’s needs.  We are truly grateful for the clients that have come our way and made this all possible.
Stewart, Martin, Dudley & Webb, P.C. - P.O. Box 669, Amarillo, Texas 79105 - 806.374.7576
Looking forward

While we can't say what the future holds, we are excited to see what lies ahead.  We know that client service is what got us here, so we have no intentions of departing from that; rather, our goals include finding new and better ways to meet and exceed expectations.